Our Company is mainly engaged in the field of petroleum development of well logging, well testing, coal bed gas automatic drainage and other aspects of technology development and equipment production, and to provide the characteristics of geophysical exploration.
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Coal bed methane drainage system

MPC-100 Coal Seam Gas Automatic Discharge and Acquisition System



   The system can strictly control the displacement to make liquid level descend at a uniform speed, thus achieving the aim of fast production increasing without damaging formation; it can also control gas volume to make production decrease constantly, thus letting casing pressure stay in normal working range for a long period, protecting formation and achieving production maximization. 


   MPC-100coal seam gas automatic discharge and acquisition system has the functions as below:

   unwatched electrical control,pumping unit starting alarm(with video);

   Remote acquisition of gas production, water production, casing pressure, fluid data, down hole pressure temperature, coal dust content, electrical parameters and pumping unit indicator diagram

   Remote automatic or manual control of fluid level dropping speed, casing pressure regulating  valve

   Terminal PC machine software can estimate water and gas volume, which has a significant meaning for discharge and acquisition system formulation.

   Terminal PC machine can intelligently fit and adjust discharge and acquisition system to make it optimal by data software collected remotely.

   Remote voice call to well site, illumination control, intruding alarming, video.

   UPS protection function for a short time power failure, automatic switch function of grid electricity and generator.




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