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Intelligent layered oil recovery system

       Intelligent Layered Oil System


     FPC-100 Intelligent  Iayered  oil  system is  applicable for  layered oil  production  of oil field and oil well, realizing the goal of controllable recovery of each layer and directly obtaining layered data of oil well,which offers true and dynamic monitoring data for field development.

     The  intelligent  layered oil  system is  made up of  computer, surface  controller and downhole layered allocation working barrel.

     layered allocation working barrel is installed in each fluid producing layer,and the interlayer is separated by cable packer. The surface controller communicates with layered allocation working barrel by cable, which can monitor fluid production information such as down hole temperature, pressure inside/outside pipe, flow and water content of each layer in real time for along period. When the instrument measures the flow of current layer to find main production layer and high aquifer,the instrument can adjust the opening of down hole layered nozzle according to surface order to achieve the function of opening, closing and layered allocation.While the nozzle is completely closed, stratum buildup pressure can be measured and the packer has on line seal examining function.



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