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8 Parameters Combination Logging Tool

8 Parameters Combination Logging Tool 


      Housing material of each tool uses anti-corrosion steel (hydrogen sulfide proof, acid proof). The tool adopts single core cable for power supply and telemetry mode, it can measure 8 parameters at the same time in one trip to the well.

There are two working modes in the combination logging tool: direct reading and memory. The switch of the two modes can be achieved by changing telemetry sections and memory sections. 

The section of optical gas holdup, added to the conventional seven parameters combination logging tool, can conduct quantitative measurement of three phase physical property of oil, gas and water down hole, and the yield. 



   Two working modes: direct reading and memory, flexible usage.

   Quick response of temperature measurement, high measurement accuracy.

   Gamma section uses Japanese photomultiplier, the detection efficiency is high.

   Full hole turbine flow can produce different bow spring and turbine wheel size, applicable for various casing measurement.

   Pressure section uses quartz crystal probe so that it has a high measurement accuracy. 

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