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Cement bond logging tool

  Sectored Cement Bond Logging (CBL)


       6-sectored CBL detects the cementing quality cavernous openings. The tool shows standard 3ft acoustic amplitude and 5ft full wave variable density, and is equipped with an independent sectored acoustic amplitude at 3ft. With the amplitudes from 6 sectors, the profile of cement distribution outside of the casing can be obtained, and the average acoustic amplitude and the attenuation coefficient can be calculated. The tool can generate 6-sector cement grey-scale map, 3ft acoustic amplitude curve, 5ft variable density map, GR curve, CCL curve and so on in one trip, and can evaluate cement top accurately and detect the location, size and distribution of the cavernous   openings in the first cement phase precisely. 

       8-secter CBL is designed to inspect the cement quality along the longitude and transverse of the circumference of the casing. The tool can display the location, size, and distribution of the channels and cavernous openings of the first cement phase, and also can display the cement top and the cementing condition in the second cement phase. 

      Memory function is available, can complete the tasks in horizontal well and directional well (not direct reading).

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