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GCY series dual induction eight lateral logging to

 Dual Induction-8 Lateral Logger


Inductive logging instrument measures layer’s conductivity according to electromagnetic induction principle between coil and layer. Lateral, induction or either of them is the must item of logging. Normal resistivity logging combines induction mode and current mode( double lateral, array lateral , horizontal etc) to log, each device of the combination logging complements each other’s advantage so as to fully reflect the geology property of targeting layer. Unlike normal resistivity logging and lateral logging, inductive logging does not need to fill with conductive slurry or drilling liquid within the well. It can measure the layer’s conductivity under the condition that the borehole is nonconductive ( such as oil-base mud, air well). This method responses to low resistivity zone sensitively, therefore, it is more suitable for distinguishing low resistivity oil, water layer and oil-water transition layer.  

GCY1503-100D dual induction-8 lateral logger is a new type based upon imported 1503 apparatus, modularized circuit designed. This device can detect the layer’s conductivity on different depth from the borehole to offer estimated data that the mud filtrate influences layer invasion, judging the properties of layer including water or oil. It can simultaneously measure 4 logging curves: Self-potential, Deep Induction,Medium induction and 8-lateral. 







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