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Carbon hydrogen ratio pulse neutron

Technical parameters

(1)The ground control system:
(a)Logging mode: Inelasticity-capture logging mode, natural gamma logging mode; inelasticity-capture logging mode:
     complete data collection processing and spectrum unfolding display of time spectrum, whole spectrum, capture spectrum and inelastic spectrum;
     working frequency: 20 ~ 10 KHZ
     time spectrum width: 8 us ~ 30 us;
    38 curve processing and display of long and short spacing;
    TTLC adjust to 1350 + 50 CPS;
    logging speed: 46 + 6 m/h.
   Natural gamma logging: background standard deviation ≤10%;
(b)Communication: symbol error rate≤10-5 (about 5 km cable).
  Manchester code MII  Half duple  upstream and downstream 5.729,11.458,22.916kbps
            AMI  Duplex separation  upstream 50,71,100,143,200kbps
                     Downstream 300bps
(2)Ground numerical control interface box:
(a)Input power requirement:AC220V±10%
(b)RJ45 internet access connected to the main control computer;
(c)five-digit LED display of logging depth and logging speed.
(3)Down-hole instrument:
(a) gamma ray detector;
Nal (TI) crystal, energy resolution: ≤ 8.0%
(b) temperature measuring accuracy: + / - 1 ℃;
(c) input voltage: DC90 ~ 150 v
(d) working current: 90 ma (neutron tube not working) / 240 ma (neutron tube working);
(e) the highest working temperature: 150 ℃.
(f) Continuous working time is not shorter than 4 hours.
(g)Structure pressure resistance: 100MPa;
(i)Weight:≤ 105Kg;

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