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Two positioning system

Secondary Positioning System


EDXT-100 secondary positioning system works out the positioning problem of underwater target successfully, adopting active sonar technology, providing accurate coordinate of underwater target, and the positional accuracy is less than 1m. This system can be applied in the field of oil exploration in shallow sea and underwater robot positioning. 


Drawing 1 EDXT-100 secondary positioning system

EDXT-100 secondary positioning system is made up of main control machine, power box, encoder and transponder. It calculates the position of subsea beacon by utilizing the combination of acoustic range and surface location, giving an accurate evaluation based on current measuring result while figuring out the position of each transponder. 



Drawing 2  EDXT-100 Main Control Machine                                                    Drawing 3  EDXT-100Power Box

EDXT-100 main control machine is a sturdy and durable deck unit installed in the boat or the large seismic ship. It is installed in the ship, acoustic transducer can use gunwale installation and cabin string installation by retractable device as well. The detached DC power box can be powered by ship’s power to work. When the beacon drops into the measurement range, main control machine sends the drive signal of beacon. The drive signal interval is can beset by users. 


     Drawing 4  EDXT-100 Transponder

Transponder uses the material with high toughness and low absorption of water to protect shell, and inner cylinder is titanium alloy which is anti-shock in construction and anti marine corrosion. Humanized structure design is applicable for various tying methods to lower the construction difficulty and avoid the influence of low temperature storage. The instrument can be fully compatible with sonardyne TZ/OBC system, having low consumption, light weight, convenient construction method and titanium inner pipe with excellent anticorrosive ability. 


Drawing 5  EDXT-100 Encoder

The encoder support 3,609 physical addresses and code, read electric quantity, test electrical performance and hydro acoustic performance. The system has low stand-by power consumption, long service time and reliable quality, totally compatible with sonardyne TZ/OBC system.


Compatible with sonardyne TZ/OBC system;

Max working distance is 500 m, max operating water depth is 500m;

The stand-by time of transponder is 12 months;

Positional Accuracy <1m










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