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High sensitivity MEMS dual detector

GLMJ-200 High Sensitivity MEMs Double Detector


The traditional geophysical prospecting double detector is a kind of seismic exploration sensor used in ocean OBC cable, it combines magneto electric detector and ocean piezoelectric detector, namely land test detector and water test detector, better suppressing ghost reflection and sea water singing to enhance interpretation accuracy of seismic data. However, this combination is congenital deficient. First, the traditional moving coil detector and hydrophone has low sensitivity. Second, 90°phase difference exists between them which increases the difficulty of data interpretation. 

GLMJ-200 high sensitivity MEMs double detector is the geophysical prospecting double detector combining MEMs analog detector and high sensitivity hydrophone of our company. Their signal types are the same, solving the problem of 90°phase difference and decreasing the difficulty of data interpretation. LF receiving ability, twice as traditional detector’s sensitivity and adaptive damp coupling agent guarantee the excellent pick-up ability of seismic data. Integrated slip ring structure, 10 thousand hull turn fatigue test, 10 thousand falls and 3Mpa high voltage test ensure the sealing and working reliability. 


   High sensitivity combination of land test and water test;

   Consistent signal types without 90°phase difference;

   Adaptive damp coupling agent, ensuring signal coupling; 

   Rotatable design of big and small bearings, ensuring hull flexibility; 

   Integrated slip ring structure, ensuring electrical contact reliability; 

   3MPa high voltage test, ensuring sealing reliability;


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