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Shallow seismic instrument

GS24/96 Shallow –Layer Seismograph


GS-24/96 series high precision shallow-layer seismograph is a portable integrated recording and pre-treatment system of seismic data. This system uses seismic acquisition set piece with high sampling rate, high dynamic transformation and low distortion, and it constitutes the hardware platform together with advanced ETX CPU board and peripheral interface, fully satisfying the technical requirements that geophysical prospecting asks for the high resolution accurate exploration of geological structure. What’s more, the excellent plug-in card design make the system compact and convenient for maintenance, deploying 24, 48 or 96 channel device freely. 

GS-24/96 shallow-layer seismograph’s operating software is developed on the basis of Windows2000/XP with stable operation, powerful function, brief and friendly interface, simple operation, rapid display of collected data, SEG2 storage, printing and equipment index testing.

This system can achieve many exploration methods, such as refraction, reflection, surface wave and VSP etc., extensively used in the fields of petroleum, coal, high way, hydraulic engineering and shallow-sea and other geological exploration.  


Max 96 channels extendable and random optional, adding 2 auxiliary channel with built-in overlay switch can fulfill rolling work;

Working band 25kHz,fulfilling high-frequency engineering geology survey or low frequency natural geological survey;

Up-flip high light color LCD screen, clear graphical representation in sun;

Real time monitoring of noise, arrange monitoring, filtering display; 

Detector failure test function;

Built-in drawer 4inches thermal printer, easy change of paper, indicating working condition of printer; 

Dustproof、shockproof,ensuring work in the severe environment;

Windows operation system,offering friendly operation interface;

Data can be stored in built-in hard disk or external U disk;


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