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Intelligent measurement and adjustment system

  Smart Adjustment Distribution System    


       ZCF - 100  Smart  Adjustment  Distribution  System  realizes  accurate  separated  layer  water injection for water wel l. It can perform measuring and regulating fluid flow automatically without human intervention.

       ZCF-100 Smart Adjustment Distribution System is consists of a surface controller and downhole smart distribution strings.

       The  downhole  smart  distribution  strings  are  composed  of a downhole measuring-regulating smart distributor (including a main body, a measuring-regulating adjustable nozzle, a controlling circuit, a communication module, a sealing test pressure gauge, a flowmeter, a temperature meter

0,a packer(through casing), a ball seat, cables and tubing, etc.

      The  surface  controller  includes  an explosion-proof equipment and applicable for offshore oil field.



    It achieves integration of downhole tools, single tool can permanently monitor downhole temperature, flow, water injection pressure and formation pressure, transmits them to ground in real time, makes testing operation synchronize data acquisition and data analysis, decides at time, improves application efficiency of test.

    It achieves long monitoring, has the function of accumulating water injection flow, possesses practical guide meaning for analyzing water absorption of each layer.

    Automatic intelligent control of testing and regulation realizes elaborate separate injection, downhole separate injection system of intelligent testing and regulation adopts automatic control algorithm to achieve automatic regulation of working state of water nozzle of downhole intelligent water distributor when unmanned, effectively reduces working load, enhances qualification rare and accuracy of water injection.

    It uses pressure balanced technology to avoid the downhole high pressure on switch valve.

    It can realize regulation of working state of water nozzle of downhole intelligent water distributor in real time remotely without operation on site.

    It achieves automatic sealing examination, closing layered water nozzle can just examine the sealing of packer on the layer because water distributor is provided with pressure gauge inside and outside pipe.

    Only one pipe injection construction is needed without manual intervention and measurement on later stage, saving a large number of manpower and material source.


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