Our Company is mainly engaged in the field of petroleum development of well logging, well testing, coal bed gas automatic drainage and other aspects of technology development and equipment production, and to provide the characteristics of geophysical exploration.
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     FCH logging method calculates oil content or remaining oil saturation according to C-H ratio, evaluates flooded degree of oil reservoir and distribution rule of remaining oil. Analysis result of theory, experiment and practical logging data show that CHR is mainly controlled by oil saturation, changing with the change of oil saturation, less affected by porosity and salinity. It is fine for stratum with porosity over 2.

     Wide application range: applicable for various kinds of high-low porosity, high-low penetration, high-low salinity oil reservoir and different kinds of lithologic section, such as sand shale, gravel rock, carbonate rock and metamorphic rock. It can also be used for logging of coal exploration, evaluation of coal thickness, mass and CBM. This method not only effectively evaluate flooded degree of oil reservoir, oil content and remaining oil saturation, but also provides reliable data basis for water plugging, seeking for missed oil reservoir.