Our Company is mainly engaged in the field of petroleum development of well logging, well testing, coal bed gas automatic drainage and other aspects of technology development and equipment production, and to provide the characteristics of geophysical exploration.
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Xi’an Sitan was established in 1991, and it is located in Xi'an High-tech Zone, the company’s plant area is 15,000 square meters and has more than 540 employees, among them, master degree or above are more than 190 persons, bachelor degree or above are more than 80%, and more than 200 persons are engaged in technology development. The company registered capital is 17,350,000 USD, total assets are 100,000,000 USD, net assets are 80,000,000 USD, it shows a strong scientific research ability. Sitan has been listed on the new three board, the stock code is 832801.




Sitan has 18 departments. Each department is strictly responsible of what they are working for, from design, production to inspection. Sitan invested over 6,000,000 USD to build a series of demarcate and testing equipment system, including the gas calibration system, three phases calibration system, water flow calibration system, pressure, temperature calibration system; high and low voltage detection set, high and low temperature detection set, material analyzer, sclerometer, spring tension meter, vibration test table, aging equipment detector and so on. Our team provide customers with professional products’ quality control, technical services and products' engineering support.


Sitan has more than 20 years R&D experiences on well logging tools, surface equipment. The main products of Sitan is water injector tools, oil and gas recovery tools, dynamic monitoring tools, fracturing and perforation tools, exploration logging tools, LWD and MWD tools, surface tools and geophysical prospecting tools. Our tools nearly covers every major of oil field and been widely used in the area of oil and gas recovery, water injector, dynamic monitoring, surface equipment, digital oil&gas field and so on. Now, Sitan has already became the most important manufacture of China in the field of logging, well testing, coalbed recovery and other professional tools.


Sitan has the technological leads within domestic and international oil field. We have authorized 186 utility model patents, 18 invention patents, access to a number of national innovation fund and the national Torch Program projects. Sitan already passed the API authorization and quality, environment, occupation health and safety management system certification, obtained the famous trademark of Shaanxi province, and awarded the "National key high-tech enterprise" in the same year.


Xi’an Sitan has 16 branch offices in China, in the business of marketing, maintenance, technical support and provide cased hole logging service.

4 overseas branches located in United States, Iran, Dubai and Kazakhstan.

United States

Engaged in sales & marketing and technical support of cased hole logging series tools (Multi-finger caliper, electromagnetic thickness tools, production logging tools) and digital oilfield system equipment in United States market.


Provides cased hole logging service in Iran, cooperating with local companies. Cased hole logging tools include: Multi-finger caliper (24,40,60 caliper), Electromagnetic thickness tools and cement bond logging tools.


Engaged in sales of cased hole logging series tools include Multi-finger caliper and electromagnetic thickness tools.


Engaged in sales of intelligent measurement and adjustment system(Water Injection Well).