Our Company is mainly engaged in the field of petroleum development of well logging, well testing, coal bed gas automatic drainage and other aspects of technology development and equipment production, and to provide the characteristics of geophysical exploration.
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   Facing energy crisis, the improvement on oil recovery has become a common great focus globally. A breakthrough on isotope oil logging technology developed by Isotope Research Institute Co., Ltd of Henan Academy of Science has achieved international advanced standard.

“Isotope oil logging technology” realizes potential digging of residual oil at middle and later stage in oil development, enhances recovery rate of crude oil, expands new way of sustainable exploration of oil field with low yield. Compared with traditional technology, this achievement has the following advantages: first, it creatively proposes the new method of pulse neutron bispectrum saturation logging, develops matching equipment, makes logging efficiency increase by once; secondly, it sets up neutron lifetime spectrum technology, realizes three-dimensional neutron lifetime image at the periphery of well, substantially promotes the logging accuracy; thirdly, it develops isotopic tracer with half life of 6 hours, effectively protects the environment. This achievement has been popularized in 16 oil fields domestically, and accumulative yield production of crude oil is around 13,000,000 tons.