Our Company is mainly engaged in the field of petroleum development of well logging, well testing, coal bed gas automatic drainage and other aspects of technology development and equipment production, and to provide the characteristics of geophysical exploration.
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  "2014 China's top employers Xi'an 10 strong" announced in January 22nd, Xi'an, and other ten Limited by Share Ltd, and other 10 companies were awarded the best employer in Xi'an. According to the introduction, compared to the number of employees more than the number of employees more fancy club to its fair and equitable and attention and development of space.

Company recruitment relevant responsible person said: "the company has a sound talent training mechanism, to provide employees with competitive compensation and benefits, career promotion opportunities, achievements and honor, care about the staff, to create a good working atmosphere. The company has continued to focus on the needs of employees, optimize the management mode, the courage to take social responsibility. The company will further promote the construction of employer brand, and lay the foundation for the harmonious development of the staff and the enterprise."
According to reports, the selection of the main employer brand strategy, employer image, organization and management, compensation and benefits, training and development, work environment and other aspects of the enterprise to reach more than 180 finalists. Finally, Xian Si Tan Instrument Co., Ltd., Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd., to extend the Shell Oil Co., Ltd., yum (Xi'an) Co., Ltd., and other 10 enterprises become the top ten of the best employers in Shaanxi.