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Fall season, in Karamay Oilfield found 60 anniversary day of jubilation, sponsored by the China Petroleum Institute and Association for science and technology of the autonomous region of Xinjiang, Karamay City People's government, Xinjiang Oilfield Company, PetroChina, China Petroleum Institute very unconventional oil and gas professional committee, Xinjiang Petroleum Institute hosted the 2015 China unconventional oil and gas forum, on August 31 - September 1, in Karamay held. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering Luo Pingya, Chinese Academy of engineering, Zhao Wenzhi, Zhou Fusheng, vice chairman of the China Petroleum Society, Zhang Dawei, director of the center for mineral resources assessment, city, Xu Jianhui, vice mayor of Karamay, and from the relevant units of the country, more than 270 scientific and technological personnel attended the forum.

2015 China unconventional oil and Gas Forum

Qian Ji, Deputy Secretary General of the China Petroleum Society, presided over the opening ceremony of the forum, Xu Jianhui, vice mayor of Karamay to welcome speech, vice chairman of the China Petroleum Society Zhou Fusheng forum opening remarks. Zhou Fusheng, deputy director of the first of the Karamay oilfield, Karamay City, 60 years to achieve the brilliant performance of the warm congratulations on the leaders, academicians, experts and scientific and technical personnel to attend the forum to express a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks. He pointed out that the forum to develop tight oil and gas and coal-bed methane development as the topic, to promote the development of China, especially in Xinjiang area dense oil gas and coal-bed methane has important practical significance. Our country including Xinjiang area dense oil gas and coal bed gas resources are very rich, the development and utilization prospect is broad. But the geological conditions are relatively complex, the development is relatively large. Especially in the current low oil price, the effective development of tight oil gas and coal bed gas, and more difficult and challenge. How to improve productivity and efficiency, to achieve scientific and efficient sustainable development, it is the theme of the forum. Hope to participate in the forum of experts and technical personnel, together for promoting Xinjiang region of unconventional oil and gas development in China, especially in the, enthusiastically: insights and positive suggestions.

Zhou Fusheng, vice chairman of the forum opening remarks

Zhou Fusheng in his speech to convey the central "on strengthening and improving the party's mass work opinions" and the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "Chinese Association affiliated National Institute in order to undertake the transfer of government functions to expand the pilot implementation plan" and the spirit of the requirements, the Chinese Petroleum Institute is actively apply for China the "national outstanding scientific and technological community construction project", expressed confidence Chinese Petroleum Institute, in support of the member units and the majority of scientists, must be able to Institute of petroleum construction into social reputation, good development ability, high academic level, service effectiveness, internal management norms, with strong market competitiveness, international famous the national first-class science and technology association.

Forum, Jia Chengzao, Luo Pingya and Zhao Wenzhi etc. three academicians, Ministry of land and mineral resources assessment center director Zhang Dawei, China of petroleum exploration and Development Research Institute Vice President Zou Caineng, chief engineer of Changqing Oilfield Company Zhu Tianshou, Tarim Oilfield Company chief geologist Wang Zhao, deputy general manager of PetroChina CBM company Hu Aimei, deputy general manager of North China Oilfield Company Zhao Xianzheng, deputy general manager of Xinjiang Oil Field Co Liu Ming, CBM national 973 project chief scientist Professor Song Yan, and the Daqing oilfield, Shengli Oilfield, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Jilin oilfield, Turpan Hami Oilfield Branch Company, Sinopec, Sinopec East China Research Institute of Engineering Technology, Yanchang Oilfield Company, China United coalbed methane company, Xinjiang coalfield geology bureau, Jincheng coal industry group the company, CNOOC energy development, coal-bed methane development and utilization of 33 experts of National Engineering Research Center, China University of Petroleum and other units made a report on the forum. Focus on the geological evaluation of tight oil, tight gas and coalbed gas, drilling and completion engineering, reservoir reconstruction technology, key technology and management experience, and national and local industrial support policies, etc..

After the end of the forum report, personally chaired by Jia Chengzao, the special organization held more than 2 hours of expert seminars, invited more than 60 experts for the development of Xinjiang's tight oil gas and coal-bed methane specific issues, a round table discussion. The experts speak one's mind freely, Each airs his own views., the atmosphere is very warm. In particular, the practical problems encountered in the research and development of tight oil geological research and development projects in Jimsar oilfield, Xinjiang are discussed. Experts put forward the suggestion of effective development of tight oil and gas and coal-bed methane in Xinjiang has certain inspiration and reference.

Academician Jia Chengzao chaired the expert seminar

Participation in this forum, the number of academicians, the number of experts, high academic level, the exchange of various forms of research, involving a wide range of professional technology and management, close to China, especially in Xinjiang area dense oil gas and coal bed methane. On the forum, the experts put forward a lot of useful comments and suggestions, to lead the development of China's tight oil gas and coal bed methane, to guide local governments and the dense oil gas and coal-bed methane research and production have important practical significance. The forum and the China Association for science and technology in 2015 to focus on and support a cutting-edge high-end academic project forum full completion of the project tasks. In support of the relevant units and academicians, experts, the forum organized fine, thoughtful service, received praise, and achieved a successful